Bad Cop : You Cannot Be Fired, 2 videos that PROVE IT.

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Never Forget

*warning liveleak

Once again another vet laying blasted out on the streets, slowly run over by a cop.  Well, you see the cop guy was actually trying out for a new position in the Tacoma Police Department.  It was for the position of Man-In-Position-Of-Absolute-Power-Who-Cannot-Be-Fired-For-Anything.

It’s a good job.  Probably the best one you can have.  You just go do whatever.  Scan peoples’ license plates to see if you can get your rocks off by at least having some queer bitch citizen’s pos car towed.  At most?  Well, let’s just say you never know when you’re gonna get the chance to chill with your best buds and fill someone full of holes just for watering their lawn in Florida.

I don’t mind bending down for people like this.  A guy with a gun and a badge.  Well,  you bump into Tacoma cop.boy on the streets, by accident, well then that’s assaulting a police officer and attempted murder 101.  Read the police bill of rights, fucking idiot moron.

*warning liveleak