Which Celebrity Mom is Planning 2nd sex tape for their small child?

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"The end of the world is singing at your eyes and your letting it burn so deep."-R.Kelly

Kris Jenner

She is currently attempting to talk her daughters friends into kissing her daughters on camera.

Kylie and the other one, she is talking them into getting TMZ’d out at a club kissing girls for a new porn debut.

This is a real thing. Kris Jenner is selling pics of her daughters fucking again to make millions of dollars.

“My daughters have the hottest pussy around”-she says.

“I can make millions on young girls trying to be bisexual from the LBGT community”-she also says.

kris jenner21324

My daughters think that I don't still got it. That's what she thought the entire time.

My daughters think that I don’t still got it. That’s what she thought the entire time.


Blindgossip is the best spot for this bullshit. Kris Jenner needs to be arrested for distribution of Child Porn. My friend is personal friends with her and she is a total pig of a human. Stories of her acting like a total ‘douche’, ALL THE TIME. Make it stop, want to start breeding with the end of Kris Jenner.