Million Dollar Extreme ( BANNED FROM INTERNET !?!!??!

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Peace loving hippies can't even have a say anymore.

Popular internet comedy army from Providence, Rhode Island is stripped from the face of the internet in one fell swoop. After repeated attacks, the big men have been brought to their knees by the gods in silicon valley.Will it stick ?


We say, GO Fuck shit up, this whole town(New York, Hong Kong) is a bunch of fucking losers who can speak the language but want to fuck you up the ass with shampoo deals and a loan. No one really cares about you man….fuck you dude………..that’s what they think. These guys man…they fucking cared man. MDE …..fuck man ………you missed out…..they lived like shit….coming up with really expensive funny ass shit for people to laugh at…..making the good things, the hard to do things,  that you know…you fucking know are just watered down versions of shit Sam Hyde has been saying for years man. Look at the videos man, it’s all right there. No???? GO TAKE A FUCKING NAP.

Throw a flaming trashcan into an old white man and rob someone while listening to PANTERA all night. Try new drugs.

Call and be a pro about it. Write them a fucking essay, a dissertation about the cultural importance of MDE.

Sam Hyde, Nick Rochefort and Charles Carroll could probably use a friend right about now. Send them a rose.

Banned over someone reporting shit from a remote source to be a cool funny dude, more proof that indy dudes turning on one another over nothing and baby shit. Great.




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Tissue Box Episode 2

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