AP reports that girls in the UK are having a tough time with their pussy shape
moving your body around helps keep fat from building up
”this is going to be the real deal”-said the man with nothing to offer
”if you tuck your dick under your balls and make up reasons on how and why you lost it in the mirror you’ll laugh so fucking hard. I promise” – Jay Leno
education is literally unmonitored and teachers fuck students too much
Reuters says “the population of the world will top out at 50 billion hopefully”
Call your dad and patch things up.
Look up recipes for things and make them, it’s so much easier than the way you were going to do it
if you’re fucking pump really hard so he cums.

Philanthropy is on acid and it sucks so bad.

Dump cold water on yourself and make your friends do it. It's a media sensation. Good fucking job you self centered fucking wizard. Go suck a fucking dogs dick if

10 Best $2000-ish Cars

Don’t buy New Cars: buy $2000 cars you dumb cock.

Let’s do the Math on a SWAT raid.

As always. we want to be proven wrong because us writers hate our research team, a bunch of snobby Finlands and Japaneses. But let's have some fun and do a

Fuck You Savings & Loan

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