Look up recipes for things and make them, it’s so much easier than the way you were going to do it
education is literally unmonitored and teachers fuck students too much
AP reports that girls in the UK are having a tough time with their pussy shape
if you’re fucking pump really hard so he cums.
Call your dad and patch things up.
Reuters says “the population of the world will top out at 50 billion hopefully”
”this is going to be the real deal”-said the man with nothing to offer
”if you tuck your dick under your balls and make up reasons on how and why you lost it in the mirror you’ll laugh so fucking hard. I promise” – Jay Leno
moving your body around helps keep fat from building up

Which Celebrity Mom is Planning 2nd sex tape for their small child?

Kris Jenner She is currently attempting to talk her daughters friends into kissing her daughters on camera. Kylie and the other one, she is talking them into getting TMZ'd out at a

Actor man goes ‘all the way’ to defend anti-gay slur movement

A married-for-2closet_man doing Paul Newman's dad from Tennessee Williams's Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, John Wayne Gacy (Lacy) was fired from the show, resulting in

Rap is good right now: Bones

Wiggers are back in full force, but this time it’s good.

Amanda “not ever once in anything good” Peet, best known for her role in ????? writes a truly glorious jewish book.

This is very impressive, I must say.  Amanda Peet is a world-famous actor, most famous for her role in Uta Hagen's acting DVD.  She was also in ?????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Which is